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Development Structuring and Strategic Advice

MKA utilises over 28 years experience in the formation and execution of complex development opportunities, MKA’s reputable network allows clients to access trusted and accurate advice ensuring key decisions are made appropriately. MKA’s services in this area include but are not limited to:

  • Development structuring / strategic land opportunity review
  • Site analysis, policy advice and State growth acumen
  • Government and private sector procurement methodology
  • Government strategy formation, political / bureaucrat intellect
  • Team formation / structuring, joint venture management and partnership negotiation
  • Government relationship management
  • Growth strategy analysis, Government policy reform and commercial uplift potential
  • Planning proposal, unsolicited proposal, PPP and tendering methodology
  • Opportunity analysis / risk analysis / risk mitigation strategies
  • Bid strategy and management

Negotiation and
Facilitation Services

Equity / Debt Provisioning and Structuring Services

Development Management and Delivery Services