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Mike Collins, Director, Michael Collins & Associates

Former Chairman of the
• Barangaroo Delivery Authority
• Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority
• NSW Land & Housing Supply Task Force
• NSW Heritage Council
“I have not come across a more conscientious and professional individual. Mitchell has an exceptional capability to secure deadlines, control workloads under intense pressure, and deliver success to the most complex of building projects. His temperament and leadership is inspiring to the staff he commands. He thrives on challenge, and strives to achieve perfection in everything he handles. He is a highly experienced Development Director with an impressive range of projects to his name. An asset to any client who seeks him to be a key member of their team.”

John Keating, Head of Construction Risk Management, National Australia Bank Limited

“I regard Mitchell to be in the top tier of the industry’s professionals. He has excellent skills to ensure the establishment and delivery of projects.”

Ron Moir, Chairman, WT Partnership, Asia

“I have worked with Mitchell for over 15 years on a variety of large complex projects. Mitchell is a unique individual; his passion for success is second to none and his professionalism unquestionable.”

John Carfi, CEO Aqualand

“Mitchell’s entrepreneurial approach has lead him to great success. His ability to asses risk, form and deliver highly diverse projects and adapt to highly complex challenges is exemplary. Mitchell’s unerring competence puts him head and shoulders above his industry peers.”